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  • Upskilling and Education

    1 October at 07:35 from atlas

    The past two months I have attended conferences and various online webinars and it has become evident with the disruption and change in the business world and society regarding technology that upskilling yourself and your staff is a must, not just something to procrastinate on.

    I have heard business owners say to me "we don't have time to be sending staff to courses" or "we can't afford the cost for training", and I have even said this myself in the past.  It is now certainly a must and an investment and without upskilling and learning about changes in technology, your business is going to be left behind.  Technology and change add so much value and time to running the modern business.

    There are many options to upskill, including conferences, certification courses, online webinars and industry related seminars of which will all add benefit and value to your business.  If you are not sure where to start I can certainly point you in the right direction with any of the businesses or associations I am affiliated with.