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Cash Flow and Budgeting

Now is more important than ever to have a cashflow or set an annual budget for your business.  There is no better time than now to slash overheads and think up new avenues of income streams. What is a cashflow you ask?  A cashflow shows the money flowing in and out of your business in each calendar month, the virtual movement of money, representing the operating activities of your business.  A cashflow is where you can forecast ahead and measure the value and situation to see what...

April 12, 2020

MYOB offer lifetime $10 monthly Essentials subscription to Clubs.

January 21, 2020

MYOB partners with Kōkiri to progress Māori start-ups

Leading tech company MYOB is again partnering with business accelerator Kōkiri after a successful launch in 2018. The accelerator programme helps Māori start-ups to pressure test their business, with the aim to rapidly increase the founder’s business capability as well and produce investor and growth ready ventures.Click on the link to read more.

January 21, 2020

MYOB Essential's Capture App

Using MYOB Essentials? Are you using the MYOB Capture App? This App is designed to capture all your receipts on the go, simply use your smartphone, snap a photo of your receipt and then with one click it is sent direct to your Essentials data file. No need to store in the console of your vehicle or in your pocket, deal with it straight away. How simple and easy is that!  Follow the link below and check out how easy it is to use.MYOB Essentials Capture App...

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